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Easy Red Wine Sangria Recipe

By Julia Walters - 157 views
Easy Red Wine Sangria Recipe

Sangria, the staple of all great parties and hot summer afternoons. This popular cocktail made of wine and fruits doesn’t need an expensive bottle for it to be good. It’s such and easy recipe and you can use your creativity to spice it up! Cinnamon, tropical fruits or Angostura are just a few examples… Enjoy!

How to Cook Easy Red Wine Sangria


2 bottles red Spanish table wine
1 cup brandy
1/2 cup triple sec
1 cup orange juice
1 cup pomegranate juice
1/2 cup simple syrup, or more to taste (equal parts sugar and water, heated until sugar dissolves, cooled)
Orange slices
Apple slices
Pomegranate seeds


1. In a large jug, pour the wine and the lemon and orange juice from the wedges. Add also the fruit slices in the wine to give it more taste.
2. Pour the brandy and the sugar in. Let it refrigerate and macerate overnight.
3. Before serving, pour the ginger ale or club soda.

If you want it right away, use refrigerated red wine and a lot of ice cubes.